Eat Your Vegetables, Or I’ll Abandon You At A Hospital!

Jesus! If you’re a kid in Nebraska, be very very good. Be good when you’re with your parents, your babysitter, your teachers, anyone who’s taking care of you, because if you piss just one of them off, they can legally surrender you to the state at a hospital. Yup, they can just say they can’t take it anymore and drop you off. Apparently, Nebraska is the last state to have a Safe Haven Law, but they went an extra few miles, since most Safe Haven laws only apply to parents abandoning newborns. But in Nebraska, anyone can drop off any minor, which goes all the way up to 19 years of age. The senator who pushed for the law says he only intended for it to apply up to age 14, but still, that’s nuts!

This law is only a month old. Hopefully it gets drastically changed really soon. Otherwise, there may be a lot of lawsuits from parents whose kids were handed over to the state by the babysitter who couldn’t get them to go to bed, and there may be a lot of teenagers up for adoption after they took dad’s car for one too many joy rides.

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