Somebody Left His Brain In The Night Deposit Slot

If you show up at a bank’s night deposit slot, and it has an “out of order” sign posted over it and two dudes who look like security guards standing beside it, who claim that if you give your money to them, they’ll deposit it in the morning, do you believe them? If you do, you’re a dumbass, and you can kiss your money goodbye.

Come on. If they have to deposit the money in the morning, why don’t you come back and deposit it in the morning? The scary part is the dude who called the police to report that, woe is me, his money didn’t get deposited, owned a business. They didn’t say what kind, nor did they reveal his name, which is probably, well, a saving grace for his business.

This rivals that story steve talked about earlier where some dude withdrew 7000 bucks and let some other strange dude carry it around a Mcdonalds as a sign of trust. Yeah, ok.

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