Not Suitable For The Job

Hey Darren Mirren! What the hell were you thinking suing an employer when it was you who couldn’t get your dumb ass to the interview? You were offered about, oh, a million more chances than your average applicant. When you didn’t show up, they called you at home. You said you couldn’t find the office, so they gave you directions and an alternate interview time, which you declined! Now, when you don’t have the money to buy videogames and junk food, you decide to sue for age discrimination. You’re a tool, and you will likely fuck up your mom’s reputation at the place, since it was through her that you got the interview at all! Way to go, a fine start to your resume.

People probably think I’m nuts. But this one especially pisses me off since I applied for a job I was particularly interested in, I got an interview request, but I was 300 miles away because my grandma was in the hospital. Since I couldn’t get back the next day for an interview, I was told, “see ya later,” even though I offered to do the interview by phone. So this little shit was given far more chances than he should have been, and he still said, “na,” and then he sued.

Thankfully, the suit was thrown out, but the spoiled kid still has the gall to insist that he was in the right. Uh-huh. Better luck next time.

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