Rest In Peace, Shamu

Get ready for the latest and greatest from the fucksticks at PETA.

I was not aware of this until right now, but apparently all of the SeaWorld parks could be up for sale because ofthe sale of Anheuser-Busch to InBev.And if there’s going to be a sale, guess who says they’ve found a backer to help them buy at least one? That’s right,PETA.And if they get their wish, the first thing they’ll do is release all of the attractions into the wild, presumably because everyone there is retarded and knows nothing about animals or nature. I guess I took it for granted that everybody over the age of 12 knew that if you take something that was born in captivity and throw it out into the world that it will quickly be killed or slowly die because it doesn’t have all of the necessary skills it needs to fend for itself. How silly of me. Then again, I should expect nothing less from these imbeciles. Actually scratch that. I should expect *even* less from them, and sadly I’ll probably get it sooner or later. Seriously guys, go eat a few burgers or something. Anything it takes to save whatever might be left of your brains.

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