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If you’d like to read Matt’s thoughts on more things in the media that currently piss him off – text “STEVEGAY” to 12345. If you’d like to read about Matt’s family vacation when he was 10 as he camped in Algonquin Park – text “STEVEFAT” to 12354. I’ll wait.

That’s what I thought.

Advertisers have gotten so lazy! Especially on Canadian television. Not every commercial has to have something to do with hockey, you know? In the past 24 hours I’ve seen a car company, a bank, an insurance company, a coffee shop and a fast food restaurant all try and tie themselves in some loose way to hockey just because they think all hockey fans are sheep I guess.

OH really, Bobby Orr helped a little kid learn to skate and then went and used his Mastercard? I guess I should get one too! It’s lazy! Not to mention it’s fucking AUGUST! One or two new concepts would be just wonderful… Thank god for TiVO! yaaaa!

I had a conversation with Steve today online regarding his newfound retarded love for Maroon 5. Unfortunately it was cut short before I was done ripping him because my computer decided to take a big shit. I think even it was disgusted with Steve.

For those who don’t know – Steve has an extremely large musical collection that is fairly diverse… but there is no excusing this poppy, generic, squealing excuse for music. She Will Be Loved? Steve will be mocked! That’s how this is going to go from now until eternity.

For some ungodly reason someone has decided it’s a good time to throw a new version of 90210 on the air… Wicked! Just awesome! So not only do I need to now endure more reality tv than, y’know, creative tv – the little bit of written television out there is now becoming just re-hashed crap from 15 years ago. It reminds me of the music thread. Are we just out of ideas? Has everything been done? Did anyone really notice when the writers went on strike? Aside from a few shows, very little was changed for me becasue there’s so much reality garbage on the air.

I currently watch no more than like 5 or 6 things on TV. the simpsons, family guy, sports, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory and 24 (whcn it’s actually on). Beyond that nothing strikes me as even interesing, let alone, “can’t miss”. At the very end of last season I caught an episode of Criminal Minds that I really liked and I’ve seen a few repeats over the summer that I haven’t minded so maybe I’ll get in to that when it comes back on in the fall.

Thanks for reading and thanks for texting!

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