What a day. I don’t even know why I say that – I’m just grumpy. I will try and keep the venom being spewed here to a minimum but sometimes you just have those days where shit pisses you off pretty hardcore – and ultimately it’s pretty marginal crap.

For one thing. Maroon 5 can fuck off! That was supposed to go in the music post but I forgot – but seriously. Just fuck off. You’re annoying. Your songs all sound the same and they make me want to staple my scrotum to a hot stove just so that I have something more painful than your songs to focus on.

On a happier note – Joe Sakic has signed another contract with Colorado and has put off retiring for another year. Burnaby Joe is my favourite player so I’m glad to see him sticking around a little longer. He’s not at the point where he’s clinging on – he’s still a top level forward and I hope he plays one more year after this to captain the Canadian Olympic Team in Vancouver… but that may be wishful thinking for me.

Big long weekend coming up. The weather’s supposed to be great for most of the time. Sunny days in the mid 20’s – that’ll do quite nicely to put me in a better mood. Pound back a few pints on the water. Yes sir.

Serously, though. Fuck off Maroon 5.

Steve, following my music post, mentioned the Real McKenzies and I just wanted to make sure that most of you saw their name. Give them a listen if you get the chance cuz they’re definitely a neat sound. I would suggest you start with the song Mainland… but that’s just me.

I don’t think I’ve got much else to say today… but I”m sure someting will come up. Oh – does anyone know how many people attended the original Woodstock? I saw part of a documentary on it last night but unfortunately was too tired to stay up but I am curious as to how many people were there.

You know who wasn’t there? Fucking Maroon 5! Good!

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