If You Get Flesh-Eating Disease, It’s Good To Have Extra Flesh For It To Eat

Ok, cue the Steve jokes from everybody else who likes to make them. We always hear about how being fat can kill you. Well, if you get flesh-eating disease, you’d better hope you packed on the pounds because that extra flubber might save your organs. How often do you hear a story like this? But […]

They Must Have Been Sleeping On The Job To Let Him Sleep At That Hotel

Wow. This is the stupidest decision I’ve heard in a long time. Hackney Council, uK, thought a fine place for a convicted rapist and stalker was in the same hotel which is housing a bunch of battered wives. They moved him out of there because of concerns for *his* safety. What about the safety of […]

You Can’t Hide Your Gun Anymore, So Feel Free To Wave It Around

I don’t understand U.S. gun laws. I just don’t. Here’s the story. Meleanie Hain, who has a concealed weapons permit, goes to her five-year-old daughter’s soccer game, openly carrying a loaded weapon. Other parents found this to be kinda disconcerting. They told the coach. He told her to move. She wasn’t happy with that. Later, […]