J O K E!

I can’t sleep, and then I see this. I’m angry, not because someone was horribly hurt, or someone was a tool, or some politician is passing a law to fuck us all over. No, I’m angry because this is once again proof that we are all getting inexorably dumber. I need to make an effort to keep my brain alive. I need to start reading voraciously or doing puzzles or something else to make sure I do not allow my intelligence level to descend to that of a slug. Ok, breathe, breathe, breathe. Tell the story. Then get mad.

This is part of the it’s a joke, you idiot series. We have a series now. Remember when Steve posted this video about how “the front fell off” an oil tanker? Did anyone truly think this was a real, honest to god interview? did you? Please tell me how you could possibly think this was legit. I’m curious. I’m trying to understand this, because apparently, a whole ton of people did, and asked Snopes about it. Poor, poor Snopes. You can tell they just want to go, “it’s a goddamn joke! How stupid are you?” But they grit their teeth and patiently explain to the droves of morons how they can tell the difference between serious and joke so that maybe, next time, they’ll learn and not bother them with such things. I wish I had half their patience.

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