Now God, Pay No Attention To The Light Behind The Curtain

If you can readthis entire article about gadgets designed to comply with the Jewish Sabbathand come to a conclusion different than religion is a pointless waste of time, I’d appreciate it if you’d leave your brain to science when you go because clearly you’re not wired properly and I’d like to see some tests done.

Honestly, having to follow all of these pointless rules to the letter would be enough for me to give up on religion had I not already done so years ago purely on principle, which brings me to a question. If all of these regulations are of such importance that they absolutely cannot be ignored under threat of punishment from the all knowing God, isn’t it kind of risky using all these loopholes? I mean if the guy knows everything and loopholes are designed primarily for purposes of sneaking sketchy conduct in through the back door, aren’t you still going to burn wherever it is that Orthodox Jews go to burn for daring to try pulling a fast one on the Lord? Think about it. he sees everything, so he has to know. I suppose you could argue that it’s a game between him and you, but in the end he’s God so he wins no matter what. That begs the question, why bother playing when you could spend your day of rest actually getting some rest?

All of this stuff looks not only like another classic religious cash grab, but like another instance of we’ll believe in something unconditionally until we need to put conditions on it.

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