The Bird Who Cried Wolf

Luna is a lucky bird. She has summoned police several times to her owners’ house with things she has learned to say, yet she is still loved. Years ago, she cried like a baby, police thought a baby had been left unattended, so they came a knockin’ with children’s Aid folks in tow. Just a few days ago, she tried out some expanded vocabulary. this one was “Help me! Help me!”

Some clients of the husband’s driving school showed up unexpectedly. When they knocked, they heard the realistic cry for help, so called 911. Police, fire and ambulance showed up. they knocked, but noone answered, so they kicked the door in. They searched everywhere, finally finding the damn bird. Apparently they’re being pretty cool about it, even fixing the family’s door. How often does that happen anymore?

This family had better hope they never have a real emergency. In that case, they’ll have to yell “Help me! it isn’t the bird!” But they can only do that once, because the bird will probably learn that one too.

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