Just Another Manic Monday

Hello Friends;

So I’m back from Ottawa, only to be informed upon my return home that I had a funeral to attend. Welcome home, Matt. It’s not like I was super close to the person… but deaths are rarely something that make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

Today I am back on the hunt for a new, better employment situation. I did some hunting up in Ottawa but it was a fruitless endeavour. I absolutely hate companies that post job ads that overhype what the actually want you to do. The best example of this is the ad I say for a Patrolium Distribution Agent. Nothing against people who pump gas…. but come on! Now this is not the industry I’m looking at but when you are told you’re interviewing for “Sucn and Such” Advertising Inc as a Concept Team Agent and you get there and they tell you you’ll be phoning people at their homes to find out what they enjoy in advertising it’s pretty frustrating. Don’t waste my time. if you’re looking for a telephone surveyer – put that in the ad because anyone who is willing to do that is not applying for something that doesn’t say that’s the job in it and anyone who applies for the title you actually did put on it is not hanging around to do telemarketing for you. You’re wasting everyone’s time.

The Jays went out and won 11 out of 12 games to make this weekend’s 4 game series in Boston meaningful. They then proceeded to shit the bed and lose 3 out of 4 of those games. Nice job lads.

As I mentioned some time ago I kind dug the song Paper Planes by M.I.A. because, if nothing else, it had a different sound to it than anything else currently available. So while staying with my friend last week he downloaded the entire album for me because…. well because that’s what he does. Download things. I’m just getting around to listening to it right now. It’s pretty much garbage. I would still be happy to give a thumbs up for sounding different but that’s about it. It’s pretty out there. At times it sounds almost native or something. At one point in a track they rap, I believe, about Mozambeek and since nothing else rhymes with that – every sentence ends in Mozambeek. Right….

That’s all for now, I guess. Steve sucks. blah blah blah.

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