Big Brother Is Picking Up After Fido

Yikes. This plan belongs in the UK, but it isn’t. It’s in Israel. Here’s another reason not to go there. They want your dog’s DNA so they can check if you’ve been putting their doodoos in the trash can. Here’s the stupid part. They’re even going to check doodoos that were put in the trash can so they can send rewards to the dogs’ owners. Now wouldn’t you love that job? Going through bags of dog poop that have already been disposed of?

Then they say a secondary reason is to help research genetic diseases in dogs. Riiight. I doubt any of that is going on. There’s something disturbing about this sentence. “The sky is the limit on how far we can take this.” Yeah, that’s what I’m afraid of. How about we take this plan to the ground? That would be better. but somehow, I doubt that’s happening anytime soon.

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