Greyhound Stabbin’ Update

There’s an update onthe latest Canadian Greyhound stabbing.According tothis CBC story,this is how the guy found himself on a bus without a police escort.

The man, who had earlier been arrested by the police for disturbing the peace, told Wawa police he needed psychiatric help, Wawa police Sgt. Larry Ross told CBC News.

After the police took him to a hospital, doctors there concluded the man would not be a risk to himself or anyone else, Ross said. As a result, police bought him a ticket to his home in northern Ontario and put him on the bus in Wawa.

“The subject had no transportation and a strong desire to go home, and the Wawa police addressed this need by obtaining a bus ticket via social assistance, which is a normal function for this police service for people who … find themselves transplanted with a lack of money or for whatever reason,” Ross said.

I can understand the theory behind using the bus to get people home, but what I don’t understand is why doing so doesn’t involve first searching every inch of them and the stuff they have with them and then an officer coming along for the ride. Even if a person isn’t supposed to be a risk to himself or others, you can’t accurately predict human behaviour 100% of the time. There’s a lot of room for error when you’re dealing with the human mind, but the cost of those errors could be a lot less if there’s somebody watching out for them.

The way situations like this should work is pretty simple. Nutcake gets involved with police. Nutcake is determined to not be enough of a nutcake that releasing him into the wild is a poor plan. Police get nutcake a bus ticket. Police rifle through nutcake’s ass and all of his worldly possessions to determine if he’s got anything dangerous. Officer and nutcake get on bus. Bus goes where it goes. Nutcake and officer get off of bus. Nutcake is then released into the custody of local police, family or an agency that can see to it that his case is handled properly. There’s no excuse for doing things any other way. It’s not that hard, and the fact that one of the guys from the Vomit Comet had to spell it out for people who should know better should scare the shit out of all of you. Seriously, I should *not* be smarter than people who are paid to be smarter than I am. Please, do better. Lives depend on it.

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