Ryan’s Quality Pet Food Is A Quality Store

I’ve been full of negativity and criticism today, and already have a post waiting in the wings where I completely rip apart what a hotel calls service, so I felt like some positivity would be nice.

Hey everybody in Guelph and the surrounding area. If you have a pet, if you can, get your food from Ryan’s Quality Pet Food. Why? Because they’re good people. They’re such good people that I think they’re going to be plopped into the links bar. Let’s go through the awesomeness that is Ryan’s.

  1. They deliver! I don’t know how far they’ll go, but they deliver. I think if you order like more than 40 bucks worth of stuff, which is easy to do when buying food, delivery is free! How sweet is that?
  2. When I was switching foods, they actually talked to me for a while about the advantages of each food, and threw in a free bottle of that enzyme stuff. One guy even looked at the Trixter when I was worried about her weight and said she was getting a wee touch pudgey, which was what I was worried about, so I know they’re not stupid.
  3. They have other things other than food. Lots of cool toys and accessories, and they’ll take the time to show you how they work, which is more than I can say for some pet stores.
  4. and they’re just so nice to me! They’ve done some above and beyond things for me, like last time, I had to come and get my food because I was too stupid to order it the day before setting off on another trip so I could have it delivered, and knew I didn’t have enough food to do the whole trip. So I had to run and get it. Trixie was goofy. She knew where to get off the bus, knew how to find the plaza, but then thought she’d take a shortcut, shall we say, to our goal. She purposefully marched me right up to the back door of the store! What comes to the back of the store? Why, shipments of food, dear Watson. So I phoned the store because the door didn’t look remotely like a main door. I asked them if they could see me at the back of the store. Not only did they come and find me, but they helped me show Trixie where the front door of the store was, and then helped me find a variety store near by where I could get some stuff I needed. Now that, my friend, is service.

So, many yeas to Ryan’s. Why didn’t I find them sooner? They’re a pet store with people skills and the food I feed the Trixter! I can’t lose!

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