Everything ZENN? I don’t Think So!

Here we go again.

Now we have another vehicle on the road to worry about. It’s called the ZENN, and it’s hitting the streets of Quebec. What does ZENN stand for? Zero Emission, No Noise. I’m all for the ZE part. I’m not so cool with the NN part. Why did they have to start them in Quebec? That’s where the drivers are the craziest! I wonder how many blinks and folks on bikes are going to get smoked by these suckers? I know they’re low speed, but low speed for a moving vehicle is still high speed for a pedestrian.

Please, can we have just a wee bit of noise? Can we have something so I can avoid being road meat? I’m sure if they were low noise, it would still cut down the noise pollution. I know ZELN doesn’t have the same ring to it, but it would be music to blind folks’ ears!

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