Conservative Crazies

Wow, we have some serious wackjobs at work. Apparently, over the weekend, people in Toronto who had liberal signs up on their lawns had their houses sprayed, their brakes tampered with, and their phone and cable lines cut! It wasn’t just a few. It’s happened all over the city, and apparently, it happened in Guelph in August before the byelection.

what’s wrong with people? Don’t they realize that cutting someone’s brake lines could get them and others killed? Are they really that hateful? The same goes for phone lines. What if someone needed to call for help in a medical emergency and couldn’t?

Listen, guys, it’s a free country. You vote for who you want to, they’ll vote for who they want to, and whoever gets the most votes wins. And I have news for ya. Doing this sort of bullshit only makes your victims fight harder to see their party get in.

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