My Letter Got In!

Under the post about the debates being after the advance polls, we said we were going to write letters to the editor. Well, mine got in! Here’s what I said.

Dear Editor – I note something distressing about the timing of the televised federal election debate of Guelph candidates.

The date is next Tuesday, Oct. 7. However, all advance polling is completed by a day before this date.

This means anyone who wished to vote in advance must vote without the benefit of having watched the debate, which can be an important factor in making a decision of which local candidate deserves their ‘X.’

People can say we always have a choice to vote on election day, but some people, for various reasons, do not.

I am amazed that these people’s needs were not considered in preparing the date for the candidates debate.

I’m sure the advance polling dates were scheduled before the debate date was finalized.

I believe this is the first time this has happened. Please, let it be the last.

— Carin Headrick, Guelph

Hopefully it makes some people think. I know this election was a scramble, but come on.

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