Goldy-Schlogs And The Three Bewildered Residents

Well, it looks like not just blind drunks end up in the wrong house after a night of fun. Hell, we already knew that people with functioning eyes can stumbel into the wrong apartment in the same building. Now, we’ve discovered that if you get to a certan level of drunkenness, you can be eight miles from home and not notice. This guy showed an amazing lack of power of observation. He

  • was 8 miles from home,
  • in a house that probably looked nothing like his,
  • with a cat that wasn’t his,
  • eating food out of a fridge that I’m sure didn’t look familiar,
  • and he finished off by taking off his pants and climbing into a strange bed!

Luckily for him, the family forgave him, didnt’ press charges, and sent him home with soup, cookies, and spare ribs. That’s one lucky drunk. I love how they talk about his wife “retrieving” him. Maybe in that respect, he wasn’t so lucky. I’m sure they had a few words.

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