It’s Way Mind-Numbing, It’s Wendy’s!

I was watching TV, and suddenly, I jumped up and had to come post something. The Wendy’s commercials are for complete and utter morons. They have to be! Let’s go down the list of horrors I’ve heard spat at me by that woman they have doing all their talking in those commercials.

Why not start with their stupid slogan. “It’s way delicious.” Uh, ok? First of all, it’s not delicious. The only things sorta good at Wendy’s are the baked potatos or the chili. the rest, if anything, is way disgusting, or better yet, way undercooked. But who says way anything anyway? It just sounds, well, way stupid.

If that’s not bad enough, how about the commercial that says you can have a one-handed sandwich with a two-handed taste? What the fuck does that even mean? I’ve neverr tasted two hands.

but the one that made me jump from the couch as if thrown by catipult was, “Get ready for 360 degrees of flavour.” Flavour is measured in degrees? This is news to me! It either means that this new sandwich is impossibly hot, over 3 times the boiling point of water, or somehow, taste is an angle, and if you flip the sandwich, it will still taste like something, unlike those 180-degree sandwiches we’ve grown to hate.

Gaaa! I’m going to snap! No, I’m going to way snap!

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