What A Sour Note

Here’s another example of people’s senseless response to an email. Apparently, pianist Huntley Brown sent to a few of his friends the reasons why he can’t vote for Obama. They had been telling him to vote for Obama because he is black, and Brown is black, and he told them why he didn’t agree. Then, as always happens with the internet, the email was spread like mad, to the point where it made it to Snopes. When they contacted Brown to find out if the email was his, he said it was, but added a sad point.

The sad part is I have been getting hate mail and my family is being harassed. As you can imagine not everyone is happy with my e-mail.

come on people. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. We can’t all agree. At least his has some facts behind it that aren’t all piles of hui. I don’t agree with a lot of his feelings, but at least he knows what he stands for. The only place where I have to chuckle is where he hastily recants his statements about gays. Now now, Mr. Brown, if that’s how you feel, stand by it. You either do or you don’t. You laid it out pretty heavily in the email, which you say you wrote.

come on everybody, take that energy that you’re using to harass people and put it into doing something productive. Leave the man and his family alone.

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