Wouldn’t You Agree This Commercial Is Crappy Crappy?

Ack, I forgot one piece of utter lameness from Wendy’s. It can’t go unmentioned.

There was a commercial for some Wendy’s chicken salad that went something like “If crispy chicken breast is good, and crunchy veggies are good, then wouldn’t putting the two together be… good good?”

first of all, what the hell is “good good?” It’s lame lame, that’s what it is.

And thinking that two things that are good on their own should automatically go well together is one of the stupidest ideas ever. chocolate is good. Turkey is good. Chocolate and turkey are not good together. I refuse to repeat the offending double word. I think you get my point.

Ok, now I think I’m done eating Wendy’s attempts at PR. that was way too easy.

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