Oh Shut Up

SellOffVacations.com is currently running an ad for some special they have on about travelling down south. The catch line at the end of the commercial is “At these prices, it would cost you more to stay home.”

This, of course, is a mathematical impossibility. At least I think it is. Unless you’re currently selling off these trips at less than the cost of my weekly groceries, then you need to shut the fuck up and not say stupid shit.

I get it. I mean advertising is so bad these days and it’s gone to trying to communicate at the lowest common denominator. Every commercial, for every company seems to need some snappy little tagline at the end. it doesn’t. Just get your point or product out there and stop trying to be clever, unless you, y’know, actually are clever.

Meanwhile, back to this piece of shit commercial. I think it likely came from Selloffcommercials.com


PS: See? isn’t that annoying? That last line wasn’t funny! It’s just a tag on to wrap things up. Lazy writing! Difference is I’m not getting paid so you can all lick my poop-shooter.

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