Does the Plant Get More Hits Than Us?

Oh boy. Now we have a potted plant with a blog. Damn it to hell, the blog is in Japanese, and there’s no link to it that I can find in the news story. But the idea is dumb. The plant, oh, sorry, it has a name, Midori-san, has sensors on it that record light and human touch, and then that info is combined with weather data, which is sent to a computer which somehow tries to create idle chatter-like blog posts. The researchers say this should reveal the internal goings on of the plant. Uh, no. it’s only recording what we think are interesting internal goings on, and a computer algorithm is trying to turn this data into words. I don’t know what we’re reading, but I don’t think it’s going to provide insight.

Gees, are rocks going to be the next bloggers? Now that I’ve said that, some chunk of granite will start blogging.

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