Your Song Review Of The Day. No, Make That Song Review Of The Gay

Good news Matt, you’re notnearly as much of a homoas I said you were yesterday. At least that Pink song,while still god fucking awful, has it’s catchy side.

I want you all, if you can stomach it, to take a listen toGotta Be Somebody.It’s the new Nickelback song. It also sucks a gargantuan, throbbing, veiny penis.

I realize that this band hasn’t come up with a decent idea since 2001, but I never thought things would, or could, get this bad. We’re getting intoBackstreet Boys at the World Series last nightterritory here.

Speaking of which, I must respectfully disagree with the public address announcer. These men did not, in fact, honour America. They may have kicked it in the coins and had relations with it’s wife and children, but honouring it was most certainly not on the agenda.

But back to Nickelback. Actually no, fuck Nickelback and fuck their stupid song. Anybody who likes it is either deaf or an asshole. Probably both, because what do deaf people know about music? And before anybody pulls the Beethoven card, what has he done lately? Yeah, that’s what I thought. But in his defence, I bet if he ever does anything again it’ll sound better than Nickelback.

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