I’m gonna Get Me Some Mercury And throw It Up And Down The Road

What on earth would compel someone to toss mercury from hand to hand as if it were a ball? And why, why, whywhywhywhywhy, if you saw someone doing that, would you not a. mention this to him, and if that didn’t stop it, b. call someone like the cops? he isn’t just endangering himself here. He’s endangering everyone around him. Now he’s dead, and his upstairs neighbours had to have their clothing and carpeting destroyed because of this! I’m sure they would have appreciated someone acting sooner than when the guy kicked the bucket from mercury poisoning.

But the extra weird thing is this isn’t the only dude who played with mercury. there was a story in January about a man who gave his girlfriend’s kids a jar of mercury to play with. These people are very much old enough to know better. How did they miss the lesson about mercury being poisonous?

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