Am I Being Anal About Anal Glands?

Here we go, wandering into the things that only dog-owners don’t mind talking about, anal glands! trixie moved suddenly, does she understand JAWS? That was funny.

Yesterday, I took Trix to the vet to get her nails trimmed, and I thought that maybe the sebaceous cyst I found had gotten a bit bigger. It was just so much easier to find, so I didn’t know if that was because I knew exactly where it was, or maybe it had changed. I wasn’t taking any chances.

They told me that in fact I was on crack because it hadn’t changed at all. Well, they were much nicer than that, but ya know. But they drained it anyway. While I was there, I said that Trixie has been vigorously chewing her legs and butt area, and licking her belly a lot. I saw her once grab a hold of her leg with such force that I cringed. So they thought maybe her anal glands needed expressing, since there were no hot spots, somethingI was almost 100% sure of. So they did that, and said they were quite full again! What the? The last time I had them done was early July, and before that was like nine months ago! So what’s causing the massive increase in…whatever hangs out in there? Should I be worried, since she got the cyst and that, and they say that can be a sign of allergies? Is it the food? Gaaa!

I’m probably worrying too much. I guess my question is how do I know when this has turned into something to worry about? What should I watch out for? I guess if this keeps happening in the winter, is that a sign that it could be food-related?

Ug! I hate little mysteries! They make me twitchy!

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