I Know It’s Hard To Find Housing, But…

Here’s another case where I just wince. I wince, and I wonder how poor and desperate you would have to be to live in these conditions and say it was ok.

Let me describe the condition of what these people were calling a home.

Tenants, who paid from $250 to $750 a month, shared two bathrooms and one stove. Most lived in makeshift structures built with little more than poles, plywood and tarpaulins.

And that’s not all! There were apparently 29 people living in this. But wait, there’s more! The landlord, a delicensed chiropractor, gave his tenants injections of a mysterious substance, and threatened them with evictions or rent increases if they didn’t take the shots. He even injected some people in the eyes! Quelle surprise, some of those people went blind and had diminished vision afterwards.

Goose bumps are rising all over. Now the place has collapsed and they’re all homeless anyway. Why, why, why why why, would you live in that sort of condition? There’s gotta be somewhere they could go. I’d accept moving back in with my parents, or some relatives, over that horror.

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