Baby Freak-Me-The-Hell-Out-A-Lot Would Be More Like It

I don’t think I’d ever buy one of theseBaby Laugh-a-Lotthings for my kids, because I know the next thing I’d be buying them is about a thousand years worth of therapy.

Seriously, listen to that thing! Have you ever heard a laugh like that coming out of something that wasn’t chasing you down and killing you with an axe?

And the voiceover doesn’t help either. the announcer sounds like he’s laughing along more out of fear than fun. I’m sure he was aiming for the laugh that says “aww, wook at the cute wittle dolly. Don’t you just wanna hug her and squeeze her all day wong?” But what he ended up with was the kind of laugh that says “my God, I do believe I’ve just soiled myself! Somebody stop this monster before it gets to the children! No, on second thought, run for your lives!”

This thing has to be the creation of a bunch of child psychologists looking to make work for themselves. And if somehow it’s not, then a group of child psychologists needs to take up a collection for whoever did come up with it as a thank you for putting an entire generation of kids through university.

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