The Dental Disasters Continue

Here comes a real doozer for the scary dentists files. His name is Thomas Laney, and aside from his dental practice, he’s been very busy. He’s done some plastic surgery, which he didn’t really train to do. Who goes to occasional classes on plastic surgery? Eek! anyway, the results didn’t seem to have worked out so well. he’s had 10 malpractice suits, I think in his dental practice and in whatever sideline medical practices he’s decided to play around in, and he was deemed at least somewhat responsible for a guy’s death. And all he got were fines, requirements to complete further training, more fines, more training. How about barring him from doing this again? Ug. Now there’s a woman walking around saying he horribly disfigured her when he gave her a breast-reduction.

I still wonder what is up with dentists, and I get more scared.

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