The Desserts Weren’t Sweet, And Neither Were The Kids

Ok, here’s another example of kids taking pranks too far. First we had kids flooding a house by shoving a hose through the mail slot, then there were those milk-vomiting dorks of Arizona, and now we have these sick students at Chapin high school. They laced some brownies and cupcakes to give to the opposing dance team at Andress High School. What did they lace them with? Oh, a little rat poison, some clorox bleach, and a whole ton of laxatives.

What the fuck kind of assholes think that’s funny? Most people, by the time they’re in high school, know what those symbols mean that are on household cleaning products. They cram into our heads what the skull and crossbones means by the time we’re 4 or 5.

If they don’t know that, they know that you typically don’t eat a whole box of laxatives without really bad things happening. And if somehow that little fact of life escaped these morons, they *should* know that rat poison can’t do good things.

These people need some serious help. It really looks like they were trying to kill those poor unfortunate souls. Luckily, somehow, the tainted stuff got intercepted before it had a chance to hurt anyone. Now they need to figure out what in hell is wrong with those kids before they try to hurt someone else.

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