They Are? Wow, You Had Me Worried There For A Second

I live in Canada. More often than not, when I’m listening to radio, it’s Canadian radio. And every now and then when I hear a commercial, I’ll hear the stupidest thing.

The latest example is the ad for those Pizza Hut Pizza Mia deals, the ones that are only $6 each if you buy 3 or more of them. At the end, the voiceover guy comes on and says “now available in Canada.”

Um…yeah, I’d hope so, considering you’re advertising them to me on a local radio station. Seems to me if anything else were the case you’d have just spent a good chunk of your ad budget to do nothing more than taunt us with what we could pick up on the way home from work if only we had chosen a different homeland.

If you need to make work for the now available guy, why not get him to tell us where they’re not available or even what the risks of ingesting them might be. Then again, that would be stepping on some drug company announcer toes and we don’t need that. But what we need even less is the hot tip about not having to go through customs to get dinner. Knock that off.

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