Ooo! It’s A Human Tug toy!

I think I have a new word for idiot. It’s Zitnick! What else would you call a dork like Anthony Zitnick who brought his girlfriend into another man’s home who just happened to be keeping some wild animals. He had permits for them all, but still. The owner of the home was gone, and he’d given Zitnick a key so he could help him with some stuff, but I guess Zitnick thought he’d show off the guy’s wild animals to his girlfriend. Well, one of the animals, a four-year-old cougar, didn’t like the girl too much, or preferred her as a play toy. It grabbed a hold of her head and started to squeeze and chew. Luckily for the girl, a neighbour could save the day because Zitnick didn’t know what to do.

What an idiot…No, what a Zitnick. That’s right. I hope nothing happens to the animal, because probably nothing bad would have happened if the dork hadn’t decided to start giving unauthorized tours.

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