What Could Possibly Go Wrong? According To This, Nothing

Maybe it’s my lack of faith in human beings talking, butthe news that Wikipedia is going to start getting a lot more into photo and videohas disaster in the making written all over it.

With the more aggressive support for media files will come, eventually, new ways to edit those media. Kaltura has been working with Wikimedia to create an online video editor that supports wikipedia concepts: users will be able to edit others’ videos, and everyone will be able to see the edit history.

Wikimedia is also considering building an online photo editor into the service, so users will be able to do the same things with photos that they do with text–enhance, clarify, and revert the last user’s edits. Failing that, Wikimedia CTO Brion Vibber told me Wednesday, Wikipedia users may soon get a way to view the revisions that people make offline to photos by flipping through previous versions of the images.

Given how unreliable Wikipedia can be at the best of times and how much fun people have messing with the text of certain articles, is it really a good idea to set these same people loose on movies and pictures?

I’m just sayin’.

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