Police Navidad

Good idea: Stopping off at headquarters to present the police with a nice Christmas wreath to let them know that you appreciate all the hard work they put in.
Bad idea:unlawfully obtaining said wreath from the market next door.

Robert E. Dendy, 59, 290 Fletcher St., Apt. 3, wanted police to know how grateful he was for all the hard work they do, and presented them with a Christmas wreath as a token of his appreciation.

The authorities lived up to Dendy’s high estimation of their sleuthing skills with some quick thinking and a call to the Tops market just next door to the 200 Niagara St. station, where is appears the man had stolen the decoration before presenting it to the cops.

Dendy was still in the parking lot when he was questioned, then searched by the police, revealing at least 26 other items allegedly taken from a nearby Dollar Tree store.

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