My Dreams Are Going to The Dogs Again!

Man! I had a weird dream. I love it when I have a dream this weird because it’s worth writing down, even if I hate the dream itself.

I dreamed that I had to retire Trixie. I hate it when I dream things like this. I think I dreamed the same thing around this time last year. It was the one where Chuck told me to take her to the police station. I know I didn’t post it until February, but I dreamed it earlier.

Anyway, last night, I dreamed I had to get a new dog, and for some unknown reason I went to The Seeing Eye to get one. In my dream, everything about this place sucked the high hardone. I got there, and no one knew what my phone number would be. Hell, I couldn’t even dial to get my messages! They wouldn’t give me an orientation, just told me to figure it out, it was all part of showing them I was independent. But then when I found the place to eat, they were asking me things like “Have you ever put food into garbage before?” This must have been because of the books I read, and how a lot of the blinks who went there needed more than just training to get a dog.

Anyway, nobody else seemed to know much about the school, or guide dogs for that matter. It was just then that I realized I didn’t have the hundred bucks for them that you have to pay to get your dog. And again, like in all the other dreams, it was then that I couldn’t figure out for the llife of me why I was here. Trixie was a stellar guide! Why would I retire her? Why would I be at this place? Why did I choose TheSeeing Eye? Why?

And then I woke up. What’s up with me and all my dreams like this? What’s it going to be like when I really do have to retire the Trixter years down the road? Am I going to dream that she’s brand new?

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