A Question And a Big Thank You, Mr. Postman.

Here’s another episode of postal what the hell? today I got parcel cards. They told me where I was supposed to go to get these parcels. So off I went. I arrive at 1:30 or so, and the person looks at me, all sad. “You’re parcels aren’t here yet.” she says. “the delivery driver doesn’t bring them until 5!

then why does the mail carrier drop off parcel cards saying “Come pick up your parcel.” if it’s not there yet?

I was some pissed by this, since I just walked all the way there in the damn snow. Let’s do a quick check of maps to see how far it was. According to MapQuest, I walked 1.62 miles in the damn snow. they felt all sad about this, and later, they called me and delivered the parcels to the door! How cool is that? I now love my new parcel pickup zone.

But that still begs the question. why drop off parcel cards for parcels that can’t be picked up yet? Is it just that they’re banking on people being at work all day and not seeing the cards until later? It’s weird, that’s for sure.

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