Like Father, Like Son…Sort Of!

Gees! Five-year-old Jack Burt and father Sam are a tough pair. The little guy hit the school bus driver in the head with an apple core and got kicked off the bus. So, the dad said he had to walk the 13-kilometer trek to school. Father and son walked it together, all two hours of it. After five days, jack got back on the bus, and got kicked off within three stops for fighting with his sister. Papa said ok, we’re gonna keep walking to school, now both of you walk with me. the little guy says he kinda likes walking because it makes him stronger for fighting, so dear old dad says if he starts fighting, he’ll have to walk home too, but don’t worry, if he gets home after dark, they’ll leave the key out for him. I doubt he’d do that, but that’ll scare the little guy. the question is will it scare him enough?

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