>I Stabbed The Gangster, But I Swear It Was In Self-Defense

>How the hell is stabbing someone 39 times considered self-defense by any stretch of the imagination? Just read this and see if it is.

In a rambling and profane interview, he said he kept stabbing Chalifoux because he wouldn’t die.

“I told him just hurry up and die already … So I keep stabbin’ him and stabbin’ and stabbin’ him and stabbin’ him and stabbin’ him, trying to slash his throat to get a jugular vein,” Falle told police.

“He wouldn’t bleed properly the way he should’ve bled, according to the movies.”

He told police that Chalifoux was begging for his life, but Falle said he could not let him go because he feared his fellow gang members were in the hallway ready to attack.

After the killing, Falle tried to borrow a smoke and leaned out the window to ask his neighbour to order him a pizza.

Yeah, because he was so scared for his life that he needed some pepperoni and cheese right now.

But it was deemed self-defense. Ok, who’s sleeping with the judge or jury foreman or something? Or, I hate to say this, but is Chalifoux black and is Falle white and it’s one of those screwy racist cases? There has to be an explanation for this somewhere, because right now, it doesn’t make sense.

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