Put Down The Christmas Presents and Come Out with Your Hands Up!

Ok, this is just embarrassingly stupid. I take back all laughter about negotiating with a cardboard man. At least I understand why they did that, even though it turned into a barrel of laughs.

This one is just wow. I can sorta, kinda, connect the dots, but I think they go in a path that doesn’t make the most sense. A police officer went through a bunch of hard times recently, and decided to give a load of toys and clothes to kids in a housing project that she patrols. But some police were worried that this was a sign that all the stress of breast cancer diagnoses and heart troubles might have made her go off balance. Ok, it’s weird, but ok. People who kill themselves sometimes give stuff away and get extra generous. Ok, I get it, sorta, maybe. But they didn’t just call a meeting, or talk to her at work, or something. Nope. they sent the Family Assistance Unit, and because she didn’t answer the door when they knocked, maybe because she might have been, uh, not home, they surrounded the place in an armed standoff, turning her street into a public spectacle.

Um, has this police department had a lot of suicides on staff? I understand being proactive and not waiting around, but isn’t this a little over the top? The poor lady. Now I hope she’s ok.

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