More Than Ink Can Say

Yet another dim bulb hasgone and pulled a Wolfname.

This time it’sDarnell Louis Frazier of St. Paul, Minnesota,who gave a false name to police in an attempt to avoid 5 arrest warrants but was given up by the tattoo of his real last name on his neck.

Maybe this is a good time to go off on the rant I’ve been saving up about criminals and picking stupid aliases. If you’re trying to hide something from the authorities and you decide to play the false identity card, don’t pick anything that sounds remotely like your real name. Like this guy for instance. Even if he didn’t have the tat, he called himself Darnell Lewis. That’s stupid. I’m not sure how many of you remember the story of John List(read it here if you don’t), but there’s a guy who knew how to do the alias thing. He stayed on the run for nearly 20 years because he did 2 very important things. One was keep out of trouble and live as normal a life as a mass murderer can live, and the other one was pick a really good fake name. the name he chose? Robert Clark. Bob Clark, John List. Big difference. Darnell Louis Frazier, Darnell Lewis, asking for trouble. Is it really that complicated?

And while I’m here, I have to ask. How common is it to tattoo your own name on yourself, and why would you? I guess maybe if you’ve got a really bad memory or a fear of name tags it makes sense, but other than that, I just don’t get it.

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