>Santa Paws Is Coming, To Town

>Well, it’s official. Trixie met the man in the red suit yesterday. what did she think of him? She wasn’t sure. first, she had to jump up on a raised chair, something that weirded her out a bit, especially since I wasn’t going up with her. But we got her up there and situated. then I made the mistake of asking her to look at me. She did, and then ran to me. Silly girl. We eventually got the picture snapped, with the patients of Santa and his elves. And…Voila! Here are the results. What do you think? Do you think her raisers would like this one? Apparently this is the best shot. They took ten shots, and even put them on a CD for me, but they said that shot was the best. They also said this one was pretty cool too. second-best shot Do you agree?

She never stopped amazing me all day. After the Santa photo, we went to the mall. All I had to get was the portraits of the Trixter so I could mail them to her raiser along with the Santa shot. *hopes she doesn’t read the blog still, if she does I just ruined Christmas.* But we had to navigate a solid crowd of what I call Christmas zombies. All they’re thinking about is “next stop…what else do I need to get…must…find…shirt.” they’ll bowl you over as they think about what they need to still buy. They were everywhere. There were little ones, older folks with walkers, people running every which way. I think I bumped one handbag the whole time. When people were directing me, they were saying they were having trouble manoeuvring. I wasn’t having much trouble at all, and the whole time, Trixie’s tail was wagging, wagging, wagging. You go girl.

I still feel bad about one thing that happened. As I stood in line, I think in the food court, I felt slight pressure on the dog’s head. Without thinking, I reached out, took the hand in mine and started saying “Please don’t pet…” until I noticed the hand was small, small, really really small. So I gave it a little squeeze, amazingly the little kid didn’t cry, and told the little one to ask me next time. But what disturbed me more, aside from the fact that I just grabbed a toddler, was there was no sign of a parent that came forward, either to apologize for the kid or rip me limb from limb for touching their child. I would have hoped for either one, just to know that that little one wasn’t lost in a sea of Christmas mall zombies. But the little guy was gone before I could get the attention of one of the zombies and ask him/her to turn on his/her brain and tell me if that kid was with someone. I still can feel that tiny hand in mine. I hope the kid’s safe.

Back to my awesome dog. She just kept doing those cool things that make you want to have a guide dog. I went to the food court while I was getting one of my santa prints converted to a 5X7 and got some fries and a drink, but the silly folk who were helping me get to the table never got me a straw! So I got up, listened for the guy’s voice who ran the fry booth, and we went for it. With the cane, I probably wouldn’t have tried because there were too many people, tables, obstacles, and other assorted goo. Within about 30 seconds, I had my straw and was heading back to my table, which she stopped at. I love you, you awesome fuzzball you.

As we left the food court, I asked someone to set me on the right path for the photo place. We got there, and Trixie got me through that narrow space at the door between two poles and marched me straight back through the people and the clutter to the counter we’d been at before. Yeah!

Her awesomeness reached a crescendo of woo when we went to leave the mall. Someone helped me find the hall that led to the buses. she said just go straight and you’ll get there. There must have been a turn, because I could feel the draft from the bus exit, and then it was gone. So I stopped and said “Trixie, outside.” She wheeled me around in a 180 and booked it in her determined guide dog fashion straight for the exit. When someone said the bus came in, We went out and I said “bus!” and she found it! god damn I love this dog. She gives me that warm fuzzy feeling. She can be a handful, but she’s really turned on the guide dog juice. she is incredible.

Her snow travel doesn’t show signs of failing either. She knows that ice means slow down, and is really careful about climbing over icy lumps and ruts in the sidewalk.

I just had to brag about my Trixter again. Enjoy the santa photos.

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