Who, Who, who Looks Really Stupid

Oooo! Here’s another case of negotiating with a dummy. This one involved RSPCA and fire personnel trying to coax a plastic owl off a fire pole.

Firemen and RSPCA officers were left feeling like right Twit-twoo’s after spending hours trying to rescue a toy owl from a telegraph pole.

A passer-by – concerned the owl had not moved in days – contacted the animal charity who, armed with a net to catch the bird, tried to coax it down.

After a couple of hours of shouting to the fake plastic owl the doppy rescue worker called in a team from Essex Fire Service.

Officers climbed the 30 ft pole in a bid to get the animal to move but as they got near local residents told them it was made of plastic.

Luckily the RSPCA and the fire service could see the funny side and had aright ‘hoot’.
The owl had been placed on the pole by British Telecom to stop real birds from perching there.

So the question remains. Was the owl a really good decoy? Or are there a lot of really stupid people running around out there? I guess we’ll never know without a picture of the owl.

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