A Web Accessibility Survey Thingy

WebAIM is trying to compile an archive of how screen-reader users surf the web in hopes that they may find some common threads that might help web-designers build more accessible websites. So, they’re conducting a survey. If you use a screen-reader at all and want to help, go fill it out here.

My only big beef was at the end. I clicked next and they said “Please confirm your responses.” But I didn’t see my responses anywhere! I had to click back to see them. I don’t know if that was a glitch or a consistent problem. In any case, there’s the survey. So if you want to help, you know what to do.

On a weird sidenote, apparently someone with way too much time on their hands has made a video with JAWS rapping about the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, or WCAG, or what sounds like “wicag” in the video. And no, I don’t understand the fast part. I don’t understand why they build a setting that fast. I heard the video part of it was pretty cool, and someone I know is in it. She’s the one reading the braille display and she has the golden retriever. At least I think she’s reading the braille display. I know she’s the one with the golden retriever though. Enjoy, er something. It’s weird.

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