Not A Good Kind Of Pole-Dancing

Man, the news is awesome today. Here’s our latest in the hahahahahahahaha you guys suck files. two prisoners were handcuffed together and they were being led somewhere. They bolted to get away…and then fell down and were pepper sprayed…and then got up, got out the door, got across the street…and then met a pole and […]

And Don’t Forget, To Give Me Back My…Surgically Implanted Body Parts?

Oh boy. the Wacko parade continues. This guy got dumped by his girlfriend so decided goddamn it, I paid for her breast implants, I’m going to get ’em back even if I have to cut ’em out! This is right up there with the guy who wants his kidney back that he donated to his […]

This Would Definitely Be A Crazy Driver

I saw this story yesterday, but didn’t have time to post it. The crazies were really out in full force. Our latest is Veronica Hollifield, who smashed up a few people’s cars, ripped apart a church lobby, and then drove her car completely eratically, although slooowly, sending pedestrians running like scared rabbits in all directions. […]

And Now It’s Time For A Somewhat Musical Interlude

Since we’re all having such a great time with this Songsmith business, here’s somebody’s list ofits 9 best, or maybe worst, classic song butcherings. If you’ve been following the posts and comments you’ve seen a few of these already, but boy oh boy, is it ever worth the click just for the fright potential alone. […]

The Expression I Think I Can Get You Off Doesn’t Mean That, Sir

In keeping with our ongoing efforts to help out the intellectually disadvantaged, your friends here at Vomit Comet World HQ present another helpful tip for daily living. If you own a thumb drive full of child porn, it’s best to leave that puppy at home. Do not under any circumstances bring it to court with […]

Did He Flush His Brain Down The Toilet?

Here’s a very stupid guy. If I were him, I’d give up any criminal involvement. It’s safer if he’d just live an honest life because then he won’t have to worry about getting busted. This guy was in a bathroom calling about a drug deal. yeah, the bathroom in a police station. But oh no, […]