What Doesn’t Kill You, We’ll Lend A Hand To

Here’s another one of those activist logic things I need explained to me, because I’m just not gettin’ it.

Over the last few months, somebody has beenblowing up sour gas pipelines belonging to the EnCana Corporationin British Columbia. It is widely believed that the bombings are linked to a threatening letter sent to an area newspaper demanding that companies operating these types of wells stop doing so. Why? Well, according to the CBC, here’s why.

Many critics of sour gas development fear the gas, which can be fatal if too much of it is inhaled, poses a danger to nearby residents.

Ok. The gas is dangerous. If people breathe too much of it in, they will surely die. Clearly the best way to protect them is blowing up the development sites. There’s absolutely no chance that the fumes from the resulting explosions will be inhaled or anything.

Um..er…uh-huh…good luck with that. let me know how it turns out, if any of you idiots are still alive when you’re done saving everyone that is.

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