Marley And Me And Joe Public

There are lots of reasons why I love the fact that Trixie is a black lab. I feel sorry for her in the summer because she seems to be a sun sponge, but it’s great that her hair doesn’t stand out on my clothes and she really seems to blend in. but right now I really love that she’s a black lab. Why? Because she’s the right colour to avoid a wave of movie-induced stupidity.

Over the holidays, “Marley and Me,” the movie version of the book by the same name, was released. Apparently according to Barb M, they did a fine job of butchering the story, right down to the fact that the movie Marley was a labradoodle and not a purebred English lab. I don’t know if he looked more poodle than lab, but that’s what I’ve heard.

My point is apparently now that people have seen the movie, they’re looking at anyone with a yellow lab guide dog and exclaiming “That’s Marley!” even when the only similarity is Marley and the dog in question are both yellow, and not even the same shade of yellow. yeesh. But people all over the place are getting stopped while people go on about how their dog looks just like Marley.

But I’m sure there will come a movie about a black lab, and then it’ll be my turn in the barrel so to speak. it’s just a matter of time.

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