Dream Baby

Here we go into the land of carin’s dreams. I wasn’t going to blog this one because it was just weird, but Steve said that’s exactly why I should.

Ok, I dreamed I had a baby, but it had to come out of my skull!

Yup. That’s what I said. All I remember was that I was going to have this baby, and for some unknown reason it would not be born in any normal way. It should have, it’s not like it grew in my skull or anything.

I remember they had me in this weird harness thing holding me upside down. They cracked my head like an egg and the baby was born. Somehow it was ok, and I was going to be fine. I was holding the baby and there was going to be a press conference on this miracle baby. There was only one problem. My head was still, uh, split open. I was walking around bleeding from the head.

Mom and dad were there and I asked dad if the doctors had forgotten to stitch me back together, and he just answered, “Yup, looks like it.” as if this was no big deal. The dream ended with me trying to find someone to put the egg back together.

Ok, first I dreamed that my head was brutally hacked open by an errant axe, and now this. I’d like to stay in one piece, please.

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