What’s In A Name? A Visit From Family Services

Wow. I guess Adolph Hitler Campbell and company have been taken by family services. Nobody’s being clear on why they were taken, some are even being unclear on whether they were taken at all, but it sounds like something is going on, because there’s going to be a hearing on where they’ll live for the next little while.

I know some people may think it’s just a name. But it’s more than the name. It’s the attitude that the dad has, and the mom doesn’t seem smart enough to contribute anything to counteract it, if she doesn’t flat out agree with him. Sending those kids out in the world with those names is a recipe for who knows what.

Hopefully, when this is all over, the kids will somehow end up ok. And hopefully, none of the mob of Joe Public will carry through on any threats sent to Heath Campbell and his wife. I may not agree with him, but threatening him seems like a stupid thing to do. The world is nuts.

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