Leave The Earplugs, Brian

To any of you who rememberMicrosoft’s PDC 2008 ad,it’s obvious that none of the considerable genius in the company’s offices found its way to the marketing department. that song still creeps into my head from time to time, making me think seriously about suing for damages.

But while you can make a pretty strong case for lighthearted self parody there, it’s pretty clear that this commercial for Songsmith exists only because the company hates all of us and supports torture in its most heinous of forms.

Is there even a shred of irony here? If there is, I can’t find it. And glow in the dark towels? These people write the software that powers 3 quarters of the universe and that’s the best they could come up with? I’ve seen better plotlines in educational videos about river silt.

And dear God, when this thing hits the streets and Joe Tone Deaf gets hold of it…shudder. I mean ifthis is what happens when you run good vocals through it,nothing short of auditory hell can be on the horizon.

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