Dog Day Caught On Tape

I gotta remember to do this next time. I think this is the best idea ever.

Jeff Bishop is going for guide dog training. He’s keeping a training log on his blog. He got his dog on Sunday. But what he did, which was super uber cool, was he recorded his greeting with his dog. I wish I had that moment captured for myself. The staff were cool and got pictures of his dog for him and he has an audio recording. If anyone wants to either relive their moment or is wondering what it’s like, listen to his recording. God damn, whatever he used to record it was awesome. You can even hear the dog sneeze and scratch. How cool.

I don’t remember getting that descriptive of an intro to Trixie. I remember them talking about her short hair, and the feathering at her neck, but I don’t remember hearing who her parents were. I know I got her birthday, height and weight, but I’m sure if they told me more, it would have just ran away. Those few minutes were so overwhelming that I couldn’t have caught it all.

It’s refreshing to see that no matter how many dogs you get, you still need to be reminded of leash grip, heel position, how to do commands that are slightly different than another school’s, all that good stuff.

good luck, Jeff. Hope your first walks yesterday were fun and today is going well.

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